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Our Vision

Create employment and a safe economical way of cooking and lighting that results in healthier living and better food.

Our Mission

To benefit the women and children of the world. Through training and financial support, establish a sustainable network of commercial activity making and selling solar ovens, solar powered egg incubators, and solar powered lighting.

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Throughout the developing world, rural women engage in multiple economic activities that are critical to the survival of poor households. Rural poor women play an essential role in food production and economic survival as they provide the food, water and fuel their families need. The proportion of woman-headed households continues to grow, reaching almost one third in some developing countries.

Despite the essential economic and care giving roles they perform, women have significantly less access to financial, physical and social assets than men do; fewer opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills; and less voice in public decision-making.

We are combating unemployment in Peru by enabling women to earn an independent living. Lack of employment continues to be the main cause of poverty, especially for women and their children. Let us provide them with solar technology to better their lives and help free them from their shackles of perpetual poverty. Please join us to continue with our solar technology program.

Wooden Solar Oven
Wooden Solar Oven
Classroom Incubator
Classroom Incubator
Solar Bottle Light
Solar Bottle Light

Using kerosene for cooking and lighting causes large numbers of respiratory and visual health problems. Cooking should not kill women and children. Let us eliminate the burning of kerosene and its poisonous fumes. Let us utilize the sun's clean solar power instead.

Through training and microfinance support we are offering solar ovens, solar powered egg incubators and solar powered lanterns, all made in Peru. We do not provide "handouts" to combat poverty. We offer women immediate self employment opportunities and the means to earn a productive living, in a way that respects their culture and family obligations.